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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

May Crafters Crate

I mentioned that I would be reviewing all the subscription boxes that I receive this month. Crafters Crate was the first one we received. Most subscription boxes ship late in the month so it's nice to have an early one. This was the first month we have received a Crafters Crate.

With all the hospital trips and attention that Jacob receives I feel it is important to give the other kids special things and some surprises once in awhile as well so when I saw this newer subscription box I knew it was just the thing to make Becca's day a little extra special each month (and what child doesn't love mail?!)
This month's theme as "Pretty in Pink" and every project has some pink in it. The elephant on the box is so cute and the inside is packaged up so nicely. Each craft comes in it's own little bag.

This month the crafts are:
*Parachute Power
*Button Ring
*Elephant Pillow
*Candy Suckers
*Pretty Purse

Everything is simple enough for a 9 year old to do without much supervision but not too babyish for her.

She is excited about all the projects but immediately wanted to make the candy suckers (from Jolly Ranchers).

They turned out great and luckily there were three sticks so the boys were able to enjoy their sister's creation as well!

Each month is $19.99 which I feel is a good price for several days worth of crafts and fun. If you would like $10 off your first box just enter my name in the referral box ( Elizabeth Flesher ). Go here to subscribe.

Disclaimer: My referral link is in this post.

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