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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Why is Our Dog Wearing My Little Pony Panties?

Because her polka dot boxers are in the wash, of course!

Our Olde English Bulldog has had such a rough summer, after getting hit by a car and breaking her back leg in June. She had surgery with a pin placed in her leg. After 6 weeks they took the pin out but didn't like that it didn't look fully healed so put her in a splint. After two weeks she chewed the splint off, while also chewing her leg raw. The vet decided to just let her leg be after that as the x-rays looked pretty good. She still wasn't using her leg, at all. I would massage and manipulate her leg, trying to get her to use it, with no luck. I was resigned to the fact that we would probably have a handicapped dog.

Last week she finally started to walk on the tip toes of her left rear leg and now uses the leg about 5% of the time. It will take time for her to become comfortable using her leg again and time for the muscle in that leg to gain strength. It is a start and I am thrilled!

Because of the whole ordeal with her leg this summer the vet and I did not want to put her through a surgery to get her spayed until after her leg was healed up. She was finally to the point where we could get her spayed when I noticed that she was in heat this past weekend. It turns out that you can't spay them during their heat as it is a much more intensive surgery. So now we have to wait, and go through another heat cycle which is no fun at all.

We can't leave her outside in the kennel as she barks when in there. We can't confine her to a crate either. My last option was to buy doggie diapers but the nearest pet store that carries them is 45 minutes away and I haven't been able to go out of town yet. I had no idea what to do except put a baby gate up in the kitchen since that floor is washable. Until a friend mentioned how an old pair of panties with a menstrual pad works just as well as the doggie diapers, and is much cheaper.

Weezy is now wearing a pair of undies handed down from Becca and it is working just fine. Those doggie diapers are insanely expensive and since this underwear was going to be thrown out anyway (since Becca outgrew them) it is not only frugal, but green as well. It's not easy to wrangle her into them each time she comes back inside, but just two more weeks...


  1. When my dalmation was in heat we did the same thing, and it worked and was much cheaper than doggie pads.

  2. It is true, necessity is the mother of invention.

    Great solution.

  3. OMG, Really? That is quite possibly the funniest thing I've seen in a while. Poor puppy! I hope she's OK!!!



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