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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Freeze Frame

We are planning our fall portraits to be taken within the next week or two. Our fall portraits will also be the photos that we send out with our Christmas cards so we will be killing two birds with one stone.

The nice thing about this whole setup? My brother is the photographer, which means the kids are comfortable around him and I don't expect any tears or weird faces like the ones we have gotten before from other studios where the "photographer" tries sticking feather dusters in the kid's faces or yells "boo!" at them. That won't be happening this time around!

Yesterday we had a test run, to try out a few poses and look at different styles of photos. I had to share a few favorites:

The next two are just extras for your viewing pleasure. This one is an older photo with strange lighting. It wasn't intended to look this way but I thought it looked too cool to just delete:

This is the photo Jacob requested for himself. He wanted a battle scene, and he got one. It reminds me of a pathetic 1960's war movie!
I can't wait for our fall/Christmas/back-to-school/family portraits!
Photo credit: Daniel Kenyon, Kenyon Studio

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