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Thursday, September 30, 2010

End of September Musings

I've been thinking a lot today, about several things, in particular.

One if these things can be resolved with the help of you, dear reader. And the other will be resolved with time, I suppose.

You see, yesterday we had to take our Pomeranian to the Humane Society. Ever since we got him from the Humane Society last year he has taken every chance to get out of the house unleashed and shoot out of here like a rocket. Countless times I have had to rush the kids into the van and scout the neighborhood for him and then hope that once we found him we could catch him. With kids coming and going from this house multiple times daily it was impossible to contain him at all times. I realized that sooner or later we were going to find him hit by a car.

That doesn't mean it was an easy decision, nor an easy task. I've felt sick and saddened since taking him in yesterday, and had dreams of him last night. He was such a good little dog, aside from the running away (and his annoying barking, too!). I did write a detailed note about him for anyone considering adopting him. With some advanced training and hopefully an adult only home (or fenced in yard) he will be an excellent pet. We have been in a glum mood since though. I keep wondering if I did the right thing...

And on that note, let me switch over to the task in which you can help me with. Challenge time! Shall I have another challenge for October? What would you be the most interested in? Another budget challenge? Weight loss challenge? A new challenge? Or keep it the same as it has been going this month? I would like to hear what would be of most interest to you! I'll be back later with the results.


  1. im interested in a budget challenge, Im challenging myself to $1600 for Oct but our Oct budget started last Sunday, because I like even budget weeks.

  2. Funny you should post about your pomeranian shooting out like a rocket at any chance he could get. I'm a preschool teacher and today during carpool as we were bringing the kids out to their cars one of the moms had a pomeranian in her car. She pulled around to buckle her child in and I'm guessing didn't close her drivers side door. All of a sudden that dog came running in between cars in the car pool and was running all over the lawn. There were 6 of us teachers trying to get him and he would fly at us and then just as quickly shoot away. We didn't think we'd ever catch him. She finally realized he was out running and I was amazed at how she tackled him and grabbed him. I think it takes a certain person to be able to keep a dog like that. We do things for a reason and I'm sure for you it was the right reason for your family. Don't beat yourself up for this.
    I've enjoyed all of your challenges. They have all helped me in cutting down my monthly grocery bills.
    Kim in VA

  3. Its always hard when you realize a pet isn't a good fit for your family. BUT, that doesn't mean he's not a good fit for someone else's family :)

  4. I was feeling really sad about my wolf dog that died a couple months ago yesterday sigh animals can really get you. It is so emotionally hard with animal that runs a way all the time we had a husky who did that. Eventually she got out and never came home. One of our neighbors probably shot her (nice huh). You did the right thing.



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