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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My Grandma

Yesterday I wrote about eating out with family at the oldest restaurant and bar here in the state. One of the main reasons for choosing that particular place to eat at was to see my Grandma's painting on the wall.

My Grandma is an amazing woman. There is a plaque near the painting at the restaurant detailing some of my Grandma's life. She married a WWII veteran and raised 10 children on a very little money. She was ingenious when it came to finding ways to clothe and feed her ten children. It wasn't until her children were older that she had the time to really work on her art, but I'm sure that she got her start in it while making and mending clothing for the kids and making so much out of nothing.
She makes the most beautiful crazy quilts and I am honored that she made each of my children a small baby quilt when they were born.
She carves wood and has some of the most beautiful statues that I have ever seen. One of her carvings is displayed here in town at the courthouse.
The last few years she has spent most of her artistic talent on painting. The above painting is painted from the view below, which is right outside the restaurant.

It took her months to complete the painting and I remember several times when she would be exhausted from her work on it, while at the same time completely absorbed into the painting. Her art took her over as she finished the painting.
What is amazing is this is not the first painting she had done of that magnitude, nor the first painting she had done for the restaurant. The picture above was similar to a painting that the restaurant had hanging on their walls for years. The place burnt down several years ago, burning the painting with it.
My aunt and uncle decided to hire my Grandma to make a painting for the restaurant as they are friends with the owner. Instead of a summer scene they had my Grandma paint a winter scene:
That painting took months to finish but turned out amazing. A year later the restaurant burned to the ground again. The owners decided to rebuild yet again and my Grandma set to work on the summer scene which you see in the first few pictures. Let's hope that this painting is safe from fire so that many generations get to see the talent that my Grandma has!
Photo credits: Daniel Kenyon


  1. My grandma painted too. I think it is such a neat and creative hobby. I am sad i didn't appreciate her as much as I should have when she was alive.

  2. I don't know how old your grandma is, but I think that is fantastic that she can do that beautiful painting at her age. I also think that it is remarkable that some people, in their "older" years, can do so much while others will just sit around and complain that they have nothing to do or complain that they wish that they were younger again. I see it so much where my mom lives. I hope that your grandma really enjoys what she does. Her legacy will live on I am sure of it.


  3. Amazing! Your Gramma is very talented. My Mother in Law is an artist too and it seems that my son has inherited that talent also. Thank you for sharing!

  4. A beautiful story! I agree that there is two many "old" people who sit around and complain. Your grandma is someone that we can all look up to for a role model. I pray that as I age and my children leave home, that I will stay active and use the talents that God has given me to the day I die.

  5. Beautiful lady and beautiful art. I'm sure you are very proud of your grandmother.



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