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Monday, September 16, 2013

This Week

*We are having lovely fall weather the past week, which means we spending more time outdoors. I feel as though I missed the whole summer, so I am not quite ready for fall quite yet. Keeping my fingers crossed for an Indian Summer.

We had a picnic at the park on Saturday and went for a hike afterwards. Amy loves the Ergo and fell asleep half way through the hike. She is a little nature baby - always happy when she is outside.
*We are having a toy purge in the house this week. Becca is great at keeping her toys picked up. Joe, on the other hand, is a tornado when it comes to his toys. With Amy becoming mobile soon it is dire that he keeps his little toys picked up and he just won't listen.

Last night the final straw broke when for the millionth time I told him not to bring his toys downstairs and he didn't listen and almost fell down all the steps with his bin of cars.

We are now about half finished with going through his things. He has a three drawer organizer that he can keep his items in but not carry around everywhere (seriously, is it so much to ask to keep toys upstairs only?). We have a whole garbage bag ready to donate this week and I hope to have one more before we are finished.

*Not only are toys leaving the house but so is other stuff. I dropped off two garbage bags of items at donation, one large bag of clothes in the mail to Moxie Jean (since my aunt's consignment shop doesn't take off season clothing I often send it to Moxie Jean instead of holding onto it for months), and one bag to consignment today. I haven't touched Jacob's things, other than to box some of it up and store under the bed. I just can't handle that yet.

*Amy has a cold so has been a bear to live with the past 24 hours. She is only happy when being held or fed. I'm either dealing with allergies or coming down with something myself.


  1. Seems to be the time of year to purge things. I am looking to do some of that myself tomorrow. Hope you and Amy both feel better.
    Prayers and hugs.

  2. I bet it feels good to purge. Its a good time of year for it.

  3. Your baby is so pretty I love her blue eyes. :)
    I am purging and organizing too. I think it is that time of year. :) I can't imagine dealing with Jacob's things yet. I think you are very wise to wait on that one. Your family is in my prayers,



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