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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Diaper Deal

The Honest Company is offering a great deal for new customers. Save 40% off any bundle (one bundle per new customer). I love, love, love their diaper bundles. I haven't been using cloth lately for Amy with everything that has been going on and feel better when I am able to use eco-friendly, free of lotions, fragrances, and latex diapers for her. Their diaper bundles include six jumbo packages (and so many adorable designs to choose from - pick several of the cute designs per bundle!) and 4 packages of their wipes (which are also another favorite of mine). That makes a bundle of 6 packages of diapers and 4 wipes for $48. You can't even get store brand for that price, much less eco-friendly.

Don't have a child in diapers? Their household bundles are also 40% off for new customers. Pick from laundry detergent, dishwashing liquid, cleansers, health and beauty, etc.

If you don't want to be a part of their auto ship just call and cancel once your order arrives. I think you may end up loving their products, they are reasonably priced and everything is sent directly to your home. One less things to think about each month (you can also put off shipping for a few months at a time if you don't need products that month. I know the diaper bundles last me much longer than one month).

Use code PlumB2S40 at check out here.

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  1. Do you know where/how I might be able to obtain a complete list of what these diapers contain? I have two lovies in diapers and they both have severe life threatening allergies. We have struggled to find any diaper option that is 100% safe. I would love to give these a try but I need to know if they're safe! Thanks.

    1. This is from their website:

      Totally Chlorine-Free (TCF) Wood Pulp (Paper From Certified Sustainably Managed Forests - No Optical Brighteners), Bio-Core (Wheat/ Corn Starch Blended With Sodium Polyacrylate), Plant-Based PLA (In Outer Layer & Inner Layer), Non-Toxic Adhesives (In Seams & Joints), Polymer Spandex & Polyolefin (In Leg/Waist System), Polyurethane (In Waist Padding), Ink (Free Of Lead & Heavy Metals), Citrus Extract & Liquid Chlorophyll (Natural Odor-Inhibitors)

    2. With severe allergies, though, cloth diapers may be your only option...unless you can find specifically exactly what they are allergic to in a diaper. I'm so sorry you, and they, have to deal with that. :(

  2. Those diapers won't work for us. We did cloth diaper and I miss it so much! The girls and I are allergic to so many things. I didn't realize that we are allergic to bamboo too and I got all bamboo and it was a mess. Awful chemical burn like rashes and that was my third try of different dipes and I got so discouraged. To have to give up and try a fourth time was too much for me. :-( I am almost tempted to try the less all pure and natural materials for cloth but I can't be sure those are safe either. We are allergic to corn which masqurades as many things, latex, bamboo and other stuff but those are what would be in diapers. We tried microfiber, micro fleece, bamboo, organic cotton for cloth all with the same results. Right now only pampers baby dry don't cause awful rashes but they aren't perfect either ... Where the elastic is can cause some troubles if we aren't careful. My youngest will likely always be in diapers and I am kind of in a panic about what to do eventually.

    1. Goodness, with those allergies nothing is safe! :( Maybe they will outgrow some of the allergies...but there HAS to be some type of diaper that works. Have you tried Seventh Generation?

  3. Seventh generation has corn. Since I'm allergic too, if I can't get the info from the company (some companies claim to not know what's in their diapers!) I wrap a diaper around my arm and see if I react. The pampers baby dry have been the best bet. Nothing else pampers even is safe. It's crazy! We've tried every store brand and every name brand and every eco friendly brand we have come across. Target brand can work in a pinch but only for up to an hour tops before we see an awful rash. Thankfully no breathing problems with those. I am at a loss here. In order to know for sure if a cloth diaper is a problem they sometimes need to be in them for a full day (cloth take longer for a reaction but the reaction is so much worse) so I can't just try a diaper or two it needs to be enough for a day. I just don't know what to do!



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