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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Zero, Zilch, Nadda

Nothing. I lost nothing in one week's time. Granted, it is better than gaining weight. I will confess and say that I didn't try all too hard on losing so can't be very disappointed.

This past week was crazy busy and with all the running around and activities planned I had zero time to think about healthy eating and exercising. I didn't have to try too hard to get exercising in, as the weather has been gorgeous and so we have been taking walks and playing outside. That part was easy. I still didn't notice a difference in the scale or my clothing though.

Better luck next week, huh?


  1. I think you have to be hungry all the time for about a week then your body gets used to eating less then you lose weight. That is my theory anyway. I used to run a lot but I haven't ran over 2.5 miles for a few years. The kind of running that really peals the lbs in is 4-6 miles 4-5 times a week. So in a nutshell you must suffer!

  2. Staying the same is excellent. That means for all of the meals you ate-you were able to provide your body exactly what it needed to keep its current shape. That is great learning - now you can figure out what type of foods will fill you up and still help you lose.



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