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Monday, October 25, 2010

Plan Ahead

I didn't decide until late this morning whether I would be going to the homeschool picnic. My mom called to tell me that she was called into work this morning and could I bring my two younger sisters along with me to the picnic? She mentioned how it was going to be a beautiful day and near 75 degrees.

Having had a late start to the morning I rushed around getting us all ready and was about to make some sandwiches to take along when I realized all the bread was in the freezer. I could have zapped it in the microwave to thaw but was either feeling too lazy or rushed to do so (I think the word here is lazy) so we picked up some hamburgers on the way to the picnic. That was $6 that I needn't have spent had I just planned ahead and made sure we had everything for a picnic lunch beforehand.

We also ended up wearing t-shirts, which means that we were freezing at the park because it is indeed not 75 degrees out. Had I looked for the weather forecast I would have seen it would be windy and chilly today. We stayed for half an hour and then left. Luckily, no one else had shown up yet and I was able to call and cancel to the other family that I was sure was showing up.

Two weeks ago I didn't remember the phone bill until the very day that it was due. Our phone company tacks one another $10 if the bill is even just one day late so I called in to pay by phone and found out that there was a $2.95 fee for paying by phone. I went ahead and paid it considering that $2.95 is cheaper than $10 but I could have saved that $2.95 by being more aware of what was due when.

It just goes to show that a big sum of money can go towards something that wasn't necessary to begin with. Planning and being prepared can save you a lot of money in the end. Whether it is running out in the evening to pick up fast food because you are too tired to cook or have nothing in the house or being charged a late fee because you didn't pay a bill on time - it adds up.


  1. This is something that I do when I found out that someone forgot to take the bread out of the freezer. I take out however many pieces of bread that I will need. Leave them on the counter while I get everything else out to put in the sandwiches. by then the bread is just soft enough to make a sandwich. Even if it is still frozen I will make the sandwiches. By the time it is time to eat, the bread is thawed and the sandwich is perfectly fine. I have done this with my kids for years and they have never complained.


  2. I often keep a whole loaf of bread in the freezer, then take out slices as we need them. No more stale bread for us! :) If I need it to be thawed ASAP, I usually just pop a slice in the microwave for 15 seconds or so. It also works nicely for sandwiches to toast frozen bread ever so lightly on the lowest toaster setting. My husband actually requests that the bread I use on the sandwiches he takes to work be toasted a bit. :)



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