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Sunday, January 26, 2014

This Week

*We are burrowing in and staying put here at home as a winter storm swirls around us. I'm not minding the snow, but not looking forward to the -30 to -50 below zero windchills. We've had too many of these arctic days this month.
*I'm still in awe of how many lives Jacob has touched, both before and after his death. Follow his Facebook page to read the random acts of kindness that have been done in his memory. Everyday he reminds me to be a better person.

*I'm in a 11 week Bible Study and studying the Book of James. This short text fits a whole lot of wisdom within it. I love my little Bible Study group - it's amazing being with others who are wanting to learn more about God's word. I learn so much from everyone there!

*My braces go on in three days. I'm not looking forward to being "metal mouth" for the next two years but excited about the end result. Any hints or tips from those who have had braces?

*We are finalizing plans for Jacob's headstone but it won't be put up until Spring. His little grave looks lonely right now with just a small marker.

*I'm missing him more and more as the days go by, if that's possible.

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