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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Savings Chart

I printed this chart out and plan to start backwards (since December is an expensive month it's better to end at $1 to put into savings instead of $52!), checking off every week that I do add to savings.
This may be somewhat of a challenge as I figure out a new budget. Obama Care is not our friend, adding a whopping $250 extra each month that I will have to come up with. So much for helping the lower income and uninsured out. 

January is always a good month to rework the budget and I'll be looking for ways to cut corners. And every budget should include a savings account!


  1. This is a great savings plan to start with! :) I think after i'm done my No-Low Spend January challenge i'm going to jump on board as well... :) Good luck!!

  2. Have you looked into subsidies?

    I saw a great tip on this chart the other day. If you don't feel like you'll be able to keep up in the later months, pick some of the higher weeks earlier in the year and add those on or do those instead. So if you have a week where you only need to save $3, add on a $50 week from later in the year or just save the $50 now and save the $3 in November. Mark each week off as you put that week's money aside.

    1. I will qualify for the child tax credit but in the end that is just robbing Peter to pay Paul...it's still money that we won't have at the end of the year. :/

      I have the savings chart in my drawer and have already marked the last two weeks off, having received hubby's first paycheck of the year. We are doing the chart backwards so that we will end the year with only owning $1, $2, and so on. :)



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