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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

Once again, I am linking up with What I'm Loving Wednesday. This week I am loving smells. I don't know if it's a weird pregnancy thing or if it just proves that I'm weird but I've found some smelly favorites that I just can't stop sniffing.
Books. I've always loved the smell of paper but this is on a whole new level now. I bought a book at St. Vincent's last week that smelled slightly of gasoline or oil; probably from the type of ink used to print it. The scent was actually alluring. The book above was bought yesterday and still smells new...again, a scent that I can't get enough of and keep flipping through it to smell it! I really think that they need to make an air freshener or candle with the scent of new books or paper.  

By the way, for those who buy used books, what is the best thing that you have found inside of a book that you have purchased? I've found photos of people, $1 in one, and yesterday the book above had a receipt from Border's that was fun to pour over. While I love books, I won't pay new book prices so it was exciting to see the $77 purchase that the previous woman made on a July day in 2005!
Almond Scent. I am loving anything with almond right now and that especially includes the Zum Body lotion that I keep on my nightstand. My ritual before bed is slathering this on my hands and arms and I hear my husband sighing next to me when I do so because he does not like this scent! I can't get enough of it, though wish the scent would stay longer than just a few minutes.

Etc! from rue21. I found this last summer and am loving the scent even more lately. To me it smells like a guy fresh from the shower...which may seem like a weird scent but it is delicious!

Walking through the refrigerated aisles of the grocery store. I caught a whiff of the freon and that smell reminded me of when I was younger and sitting in front of the air conditioner unit, or walking into a store on a stifling hot day and smelling that cold air.

Spray Paint. No, I'm not huffing it, but when my husband painted a frame for me I couldn't get enough of that smell!

Unfortunately, with loving certain smells right now there are also ones that I used to be able to tolerate but can't stand at the moment that make me gag and shutter. I won't let my children near me until they have brushed their teeth because of their morning breath, or my husband's work boots which smell of stinky feet mixed with car oil. Our bathroom seems to have a perpetual smell of urine (because of two little boys in this house!) but I've only noticed it the past two weeks so have to daily (or hourly, it seems!) clean around the toilet!  Ahhh...the joys of pregnancy!

What is your all time favorite smell?


  1. I used to love the smell of vanilla but now find that it has to be a very high quality fragrance or else it just smells very artificial to downright just chemical smelling!

    Did you know that women in the Victorian era would dab real vanilla extract on their pulse points to use as perfume? :)

  2. I've been "scenting" my writing paper for a couple of years now; with bars of patchouli soap or incense I put in a drawer with my stationery. I also have lavender scented paper because of lavender soap in a drawer. I love the smell of old books, not new books. I also love the smell of sheets fresh from a day on the clothesline; if only I could bottle that fragrance! When I was pregnant with my 6th I bleached my nightgown every few nights because I loved the smell. After her birth, I realized it was the smell of hospital sheets I'd been replicating, maybe because the only time I got any rest by then was when I was in the hospital recovering from a birth!

  3. Oh how fun! The best thing I found in an old used book was that it was autographed by the author to the owner years earlier!

  4. I love the smell of orange-vanilla smoothies like the "Orange dream machine" at Jamba Juice just thinking about the smell is giving me cravings to get close to that smell right now lol

  5. I LOVE the smell of laundry fresh from the clothesline as well! Wish it was warm enough to hang it out right now!

    I've found a few autographed books but always wonder...was it really signed by the author or is someone messing with me?! The last one I found signed was a Stephanie Plum novel.

    Goodness, Angela, do not smell the "Earth Mama Angel Baby" baby lotion then! It smells exactly like an orange dream machine!!! All the reviews even say so! :)



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