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Thursday, March 7, 2013


*We are getting over some sickness in the house. Becca came down with a cold at the beginning of the week and Jacob woke up feeling nauseated and ended up throwing up on Tuesday. It seemed to be short lived because by that evening he was begging to have tacos for supper and ended up eating SIX of them, with no repercussions later, thankfully.

*The time for this baby to arrive is getting near! Weekly midwife appointments now! I seem to always go over my due date so will not be surprised if this ends up being an April baby. The kids are so excited to meet their little sister and talk about her daily!

*I dropped another garbage sized bag off at St. Vincent's yesterday. Of course, I just had to run inside and check for any goodies that we had to have. I found three books that looked interesting. I was a bit disappointed with their lack of selection as I continued to browse and then was overjoyed when I found newborn Hanna Andersson moccasins (new with tag! These sell for $20 on their site right now) and some adorable Robeez shoes. This baby will have some fashionable tootsies! If you notice the price tags, I paid less than $5 for this whole pile of items. 

*I hear a lot of grumbling this week about the time change on Sunday and losing an hour of sleep but I always look forward to the extra hour of daylight. It means that Spring is right around the corner too!

*Jacob's scans are next Friday. They will tell us whether this drug is doing *anything* for him or not. We pray that it is as there really aren't any other good options left. Please join us in prayer!


  1. Great finds, especially on those booties!! Praying for Jacob!!! Hugs!! xo

  2. Hoping for good news for Jacob!

  3. Praying for good news for Jacob! Praying for the remainder of a healthy pregnancy for you and an easy labor and delivery to a healthy little girl!
    Also - great finds!! Love the little baby moccasins and I am a huge Robeez fan for my little ones!



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