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Friday, March 8, 2013

Subscription Box Deal

For those wanting to try a subscription box for their children I just wanted to mention that today Plum District has a 3 month subscription to The Happy Box for 50% off! It's just $30 to purchase three months through them, which equals to just $10 a month.

The Happy Box is a craft box with a different theme each month. It is for ages 4-8 or 8-11 (finally a box for my older children, they have been asking for one for months!). Perfect for these upcoming rainy spring days!

Use this link to get the deal! (Yes, it is my referral link! I appreciate anyone who goes through it!) I'll post a review of our first box when it arrives!


  1. Thanks so much! Never heard of this one but I'm a sucker for kid craft boxes. I bought through your link :)

  2. Thanks, Jenny! I've heard of the name before but haven't heard anything about the boxes themselves. They sound good and since this is the only box that I have run across for older kids I just had to try it! Keeping my fingers crossed that it is great!



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