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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Tuesday's Topic: Cellphones

Have cellphones become a bit too much of a necessity? Is it rude to answer your cellphone or send texts when in the company of others?

What about children with cellphones? Ceaseless texting and constant phone calls? Is technology "dumbing us down" or are we advancing with the times?


  1. Yes and yes! And yet I am guilty of texting while talking to someone else face-to-face. I'm also guilty of letting my cell phone interrupt a face-to-face conversation. If I did Lent I'd give up texting...and I'd probably go through withdrawal.

    The problem is that my Blackberry isn't "my" phone. I have it because of my position in my volunteer rescue squad. And since they pay the bill they expect me to be available 24/7. Though I would never have my personal email coming to my phone - it has been nice to have squad email at my finger tips at all times. I am able to deal with squad issues while I'm at my "real" (the one that pays) job or while on the road. For example, a few years ago my volunteer rescue squad responded to a car accident with 3 fatalities. I was at my "real" job. I was able to deal with the media (write press releases, make phone calls, gather information) all while traveling for work. Therefore, I think that for business purposes smartphones are great! Oh, and I do enjoy being able to blog from my phone :)

    Kids and cellphones? No way! If my kids get cell phones it will be because it is a "need" and it will be a good old fashioned "flip" phone. No games or such non-sense. And, it will probably stay home unless they are going somewhere where I feel they will need to contact me and they won't be able to find a landline.

    On the dumbing down question - I believe that the volume of entertainment uses for phones are making us a less social culture. We sit in our corners and play games instead of forming relationships. However, as I said before; using smartphones for business purposes is a great use of technology.

  2. Adults drive me absolutely crazy with their cell phones. If you're talking to me face to face, and my cell phone rings and I answer it, how is that any different than my responding to a child who is interrupting? (who, by the way, I would say to the interrupting child, "You are interrupting and will need to wait your turn.") Now, I HAVE said to people at the beginning of a conversation, "I'm expecting a very important phone call (it's usually school or one of my kids' doctors) If it comes I will need to take it." If a call does come in and it's anyone other than who I mentioned previously, it gets ignored. And really, our phones are all set up with voice mail. People WILL leave a message! I have a very good friend who is HORRIBLE about texting right now. In fact, she's bad enough that it's damaged our friendship. Going out to coffee with her or something is pointless because she texts someone every 3 minutes. (I timed her one night!) I tried saying something to her but she got very defensive. Its like she's saying, "Whoever I'm texting is more important than our friendship at the moment." In fact, now that you've brought this up I think I'm going to do a blog post about THAT issue.

    As far as kids go. UGH! They're learning by example. (see paragraph above.) so how can anyone blame them! But, I know too many parents who don't make their kids leave their cell phones at home. If we're all getting together for a family birthday party, is it really necessary for the teens, who are right downstairs, to have their cell phones? All it does is isolate them so they're not actually participating with the family.

    Ok, stealing your topic to do a spin off of my own!

  3. Before my youngest was born my cell was always dead in my purse with a bunch of unanswered boicemails- I NEVER had my phone with me and if I did it was usually off. I was horrible. Now I'm nursing half of my waking hours (and many of the ones I'm supposed to be sleeping) and my Blackberry never ever leaves my side! I tweet to stay sane and connected and it helps to have a distraction.

    I only have one rule- no phones in the car. My cousin caused an accident that killed an infant when she reached for her cell phone. I never talked on my phone while driving before then and I never ever will again. It's just not worth it.

    I absolutely think kids have phones to early, but with two kids with ASD I am wondering if we will soften on this for safety reasons as they get older.

  4. I love cell phones, they make it possible for me to talk to my hubby dearing deployments. But unless it is him I would NEVER answer it in line at a store on when talking to someone. My 14 year old has one without internet and honestly he only text one cousin or me when he is mad at me. I think we have become too addicted to them and do not know how to set quietly any longer. At least it is harder for me

  5. I was talking to my ear nose and throat doctor about this just the other day. He said he has actually had many patients answer their cell phones while he is doing an exam. HELLO how in the world do you check someones ear, noses or throats while they are on their cells?? He said people get mad when he stops the exam and waits on them to hang up, like he is wasting THEIR precious time. I think there are certain situations when taking a call is very important and acceptable but never while driving or during an exam. The other thing I hated was when my niece was in the NICU there were parents who would talk on their cells in the NICU where babies are hooked to life sustaining machines that are sensitive to the waves the cell phones send off. There were signs everywhere but people just ignored them. You wouldn't walk over and disconnect a baby from their heart machine but using the cell near it is the same thing!!

  6. you should not text or call while in company of others unless it is an emergency. As for kids a phones, I will get my kids one when they are able to understand how to properly use them. In case of an emergency I want to be able to get a hold of them and them be able to get a hold of me.

  7. Oh, this drives me INSANE!
    going out to eat, people everywhere have thier phones out calling/answering/texting.
    At our sons Christmas party at a jump house/skate place, it was sad....kids yelling, 'mommy/daddy....watch this' and they aren't looking up or watching them, they are texting.
    it BURNS ME UP when i drive next to someone (and they are usually speeding up/slowing down/swirving) and they are TEXTING.
    i don't have texting on my phone, i don't have internet on my phone, i use it to talk to my family (we all have the same provider) that live out of town while i'm at home, and to call if i have an emergency if i'm out of the house.
    half the time it's close to dying or dead.

    as for kids with phones... i have 18, 12, 4 & 3 year olds. the only one that has a phone is the 18 year old (he's a senior in high school). he got his phone at SEVENTEEN years old! when he got his license and was in cars with other teen drivers. before that, i always knew where he was, who he was with, and how to reach him.
    he hates texting, doesn't answer the phone or dial while driving and is very responsible about his usage.
    my 12 year old thinks i'm the meanest parent EVER because he MUST be the ONLY kid in middle school without a phone. SORRY. not gonna change my mind. no need for it.



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