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Sunday, March 6, 2011

No News...

...is usually good news. It is in this case.

Jacob is doing extremely well. This boy thrives when he is home and seems almost normal right after arriving home from the hospital where his body is pumped full of toxic drugs.

He becomes himself again at home. Making a house with "rooms" on the floor with blankets with his brother and sister. Chasing them around the house. Bouncing around with pent up energy.
He does tire out more easily. He does sit quietly on the couch more often, playing with a toy, coloring, looking through books, or watching television. But he is still Jacob. The boy who can light up a room with his smile. The one who craves tacos and likes to help me make them so that he can eat five of them (though last night he only managed to get three into his tummy). Without his bald head and pale complexion you almost wouldn't know that he was sick.

Besides a small cold that he has he hasn't had any complications. His blood counts were down on Tuesday but up enough on Friday that we could stop his G-CSF shots (to boost his white cells). His next treatment will be this coming Friday and we only have to stay over for one night so will be home sometime Saturday.

We are blessed that his body is handling the chemotherapy treatments so well thus far. We are blessed that despite everything he has been through he is still our happy little guy. We are blessed.


  1. praying for your precious boy! May God minister His healing hand upon this sweet child.

  2. So glad to hear he is handling chemo well! He (and you and entire family) are in our prayers

  3. i for one am so glad you left your link~~it's so much easier to send healing thoughts and prayers if you "know" a person

    i pray that god lifts you, your family and most of all your beautiful son

    in 85 my mom made it through 18 months of chemo for breast cancer~ and at 73 she runs circles around me

    feed him as much as you can~~that is kind of a private joke in our family but i'll share it~ the chemo dr told mom {and told me to feed her a variety of food with high calories~~ she had always lightly dieted~

    she was the only patient of his that actually gain weight during the 50 years of his practice~~the last time he saw her {he retired} he said she was his "shining star" and he gladly bestowed that title to her~~{afterward he told me if she hadn't ate so much, she most likely wouldn't have made it due to the gruely toxic cocktail she had to take}

    so i hope your son earns a "shining star" from his oncologist

  4. I love the pictures.

    I have a pad of paper next to my laptop with a list of people I pray for and Jacob's name is on it.

    It's wonderful to see him with his siblings smiling and playing.

  5. All the best Elizabeth!

  6. So glad that he's doing well, Elizabeth!! We think of him and raise him up in prayer daily. Funny thing...my Jacob also loves tacos! lol We always have to "cut him off" on taco night. :D

  7. Thank you for the update. Still praying and always glad for good news!

  8. thank you for the update, praying he continues to get better



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