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Friday, March 25, 2011

Friday Update

Jacob ran a fever last night. When I checked him at 11:30pm he was at 100.9. When I checked him at 12:30 he was at 101.2. Any fever 100. to 100.9 lasting more than an hour needs to be brought in. Any fever 101. or above needs to automatically be brought in.

My experience with the hospital was less than stellar last night. This is the first time that we have had to come in unscheduled. I was supposed to call the hospital operator and be put in touch with the Peds Oncologist on call. They couldn't find the oncologist. The one that was "supposed" to be on call was at home and said it wasn't her night. The one she mentioned is gone on a business trip. No Oncologist was to be found. After waiting on the phone, being transferred several times, and basically waiting for an answer for over an hour and a half they were able to contact a regular Peds doctor who gave us the go ahead to come in.

Jacob and I arrived at the hospital at 3:30am. No Oncologist doctor was here to meet us. We had two Ped interns examine Jacob, one which was a bit rough and annoying and who really bothered Jacob. His fever was a bit over 100 when we arrived. After blood tests they placed him on hydration and gave him Tylenol...which has kept the fever away now.

BUT. A fever requires a minimum of a three day stay. I think that means even if this fever never returns, we will be here all weekend. Right now the blood tests are being run to show us if it is a central port line infection or numerous other things it could be. I wonder if it is just something simple since he was gone all day yesterday at his clinic appointments and may have been exhausted and a bit dehydrated. They also woke us up in the middle of the night for a chest/abdomen x-ray. When I asked what it was for there was no real answer "I think it's to check how his abdomen is healing up". Things that make you go HMMMMM. This whole place makes me do that...and it's one of the best rated children's hospitals in America. HMMMMM.

Jacob has been sleeping since 5am and peaceful. Hopefully he wakes up feeling back to his normal self today. Please keep the prayers up for him.


  1. I'm really sorry you have to deal with all that... :( Praying that the fever goes away and that there is no problem associated with it.

  2. Praying for Jacob to get over this fever and feel better.

  3. Poor guy! I hope that Jacob feels better and you don't have to stay a full three days.

  4. Chest xrays are commonly ordered for neutropenic patients with fevers to rule out any type of infection in the lungs. It is unfortunate Jacob had to be woken up though.



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