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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tuesday's Topic: Celebrities

Hearing about celebrities spiraling out of control (such as Charlie Sheen) brings up the question of if fame and fortune is to blame or if this type of behavior is prevalent in all of society but only brought to light more often in celebrities. Can anyone in the spotlight live a "normal" or "wholesome" life?


  1. Ok, I know its past Tuesday but I think we just hear more about celebrities because of who they are. It's actually a sad thing. I think that this behavior happens in all walks of life but sometimes the celebrities get by with more because of who they are or maybe it's just we hear more about it. Comming from small town Iowa it isn't often we hear of someone dying from the drugs they choose to take but it happens every day anyway.

  2. I think if a celebrity is firmly grounded, they can deal with the spotlight. There are many celebrities that make the news for their generosity, who are down to earth and who manage to cope with all the attention from fans and media. It's the kooks like Charlie Sheen, Lindsay Lohan, or Mel Gibson who make the news due to bizarre behavior.
    People from all walks of life become addicted to alcohol, drugs, etc. But if you are a celebrity or politician or someone famous; of course, it becomes news. I do believe that celebrities are more prone to bad behaviors especially if they are self centered. They start believing they don't have to live by the rules.



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