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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Home At Last

Jacob and I arrived home around 2pm on Saturday. How good it is to walk in the door of our house...I always feel my shoulders instantly relax and Jacob perks up and gets back into the mode of playing and being himself. Even with the noise, fighting, and everyday stresses it is much more relaxing being here than at the hospital.

It's odd how quickly our life has changed. Not just the cancer but the whole system of things. Before Jacob's diagnosis I had never been away from Joe overnight (and only away from Becca overnight when I gave birth to her little brothers). Instantly they had to adjust to their mama and brother being gone for 10 whole days after Jacob's surgery, and now several nights out of the month. They have adjusted but it's still strange. In all our years married Ben and I have only been away overnight from each other once when I babysat our niece one night and then only when I've given birth. Again...it's weird. It does make you appreciate all you have at home when you are away from everyone for days at a time.

Jacob is doing well. He has settled back into his routine. No nausea. He's a bit more tired but I think that is due to the cold that he still has. He (and I) are glad to have several days at home. He will be receiving out-patient chemo the next two Fridays and then we will be admitted again on April 1st. Ahhh...to sleep in our own beds for the next several weeks is delicious!


  1. Glad he is doing so well. I still pray he beats this thing completely and that in a few short months you can put it behind you for good.

  2. glad he is doing well. My kids have really enjoyed being outside this week



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