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Thursday, March 10, 2011


Apparently, this is my 500th post on my blog! It makes me feel very wordy, though considering it is spread out over a year and a half it shouldn't.

I am awaiting the dryer to finish it's job so that I can finish mine - packing our bags for the hospital tomorrow. Jacob receives his next round of chemo (the sixth round) tomorrow. It is just an overnight stay this time around so much better than the four night stays that he sometimes has. I will be driving ourselves while Ben stays home with the other two kiddos to man the fort. Though the parking fee will be hefty (probably around $20) it will even out in not having to have someone drive us there and pick us up on Saturday...with the gas prices so expensive it would be more to do it that way.

Jacob's Hemoglobin counts were low today so he will also be needing a blood transfusion while we are in the hospital to up those counts. They were wanting us to come in this afternoon to get the transfusion but since he is still active and feeling fine they said it could wait until tomorrow when we are admitted anyhow - which was a relief to me as I did not want to travel there today as well as tomorrow.

My brother has started blogging so I hope some of you will welcome him to the world of blogging. You can read his blog here. While you're at it, one of my best friends is also a new(er) blog writer and you can see hers here.

We are anxiously awaiting the arrival of Spring, which now seems even further off after we were dumped with even more snow yesterday. Considering the fact that we don't go out often in order to stay away from germs and the awful illnesses that are going around town, we could really use some nice weather so that we can at least play outside and not be stuck indoors ALL. THE. TIME. I should have known that the groundhog was a liar. He's probably made about that time that I called him a guinea pig.

I've been working on spring cleaning this week and have several boxes set aside for my mom's spring garage sale. It feels good to pack things away that we no longer need and clear it out of the house. The kids are getting into the action even and looking through the toy room for things that they no longer play with. They like using the money that they earn at other garage sales for things that they want.

Jacob and I have an early morning tomorrow so I better get back to packing.


  1. The hospital does not validate your parking? That is surprising or do they only lower it and the twenty dollars is with validation.

  2. I just came there to say that, Rachel. Our hospital will validate your parking so you don't have to pay.

  3. No one has mentioned validation to me here. The social worker came in yesterday and gave me two free 10 hour parking passes, which means I will only need to pay for the hours over 20 hours. I assume if they did some other type of validation for parking services he would have mentioned it. It shouldn't be too much now with those two passes.



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