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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

No Quilt Left Behind

Several years ago, after falling in love with quilts, I sort of made a silent commitment of "leaving no quilt behind" when I saw one for a good price at garage sales or thrift stores.

Not just any quilt, mind you, but handmade ones. The time, talent, and love that someone bestowed upon the quilt, as well as the recipient, does not go unnoticed by me. It often befuddles me that these sweet little cotton comforts even end up in the thrift store. Who donates their Grandma's quilt, their mother's handiwork? (I guess I should thank them or else I wouldn't have such a stash myself!) 

Last week these two beauties came home with me.  
There have been times, unfortunately, where I have had to leave one behind. They were just too far gone for me to save, were much more like cutter quilts (only useful for cutting up to make smaller projects from) and I'm not at that level of expertise to bring them back to life yet. I know that someone is though, as they are always gone the next time I visit that store. The vintage fabrics call to me but the stains, holes, missing edging, etc. make me set the pathetic things back in place. I'll get there someday - where I can rescue them all and give them a loving home. ;)

For now they are on shelves waiting for a cold winter's day, plopped on the couch giving cuddles during movie time, in the car ready for a picnic. Well loved and used often.  


  1. I have never had luck finding one at a thrift store around here :( Definitely jealous!

    1. I don't find them much at Goodwill or "the big box thrift stores" but more at local charity shops. They get the good old fashioned things!

  2. Wow! No such luck here either. Anything remotely decent is too pricey for me. But you've motivated me to keep looking.
    If I'm ever in Iowa in the winter, I know whose house to come to to keep cozy and warm... HAHA. I'll bring the spiced hot cider!

    1. Can you believe the front quilt was $2 and the back $5? Can't beat that! Come on down...I love spiced hot cider!! ;)



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