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Friday, September 25, 2015

Here Kitty Kitty

Our cat got out in July and never came home. Because he has gotten out before, and always returned that night or the next morning, I assumed something bad happened to him. 

We searched the neighborhood.

Called the police station.

Called a notice into the radio station.

Put a notice up on local Facebook boards.


Then last week a friend tags me on Facebook. Her friend found a black cat and was trying to find the owners on the radio Facebook page. 

That's our cat!!!!

I went to her house that evening and it was Skippy! Two months gone and here he is just two streets over and five blocks west of us. She has seen him around in August, then he disappeared, then returned last week. Where he has been and what he has been up to for two months is beyond our imagination.  

As we tried to carry him to the car he got out of our arms and ran around the neighborhood. Yep, that's Skippy. He would always make us chase him when he was outside...not wanting to go back indoors.

Which leads to the fact that he has been "wild" and in his element for two months. He's a little aloof at the moment, though getting better each day.  Crazy cat. He now has a collar on with his name tag and number. I know he will probably get out again but at least it will be easier to find his way home.

He is a special cat to us because he is Jacob's cat. Jacob saved up his money and got him at the Humane Society. He loved that cat and I felt terrible after we lost him.

The day that the woman contacted us about finding Skippy I announced to Joe, "I think someone found Skippy!"

Joe beamed with excitement on his way to the bathroom (he had just woken up and was making his morning run!). He then paused and stood still for a moment, then slowly turned with a grin plastered on his face and said, 

"I prayed for him to come back!"  

And just two days prior I had shared this memory on Facebook, with the caption of "I miss them both".

Thank God for the little blessings. The little mercies. The little kitties. 


  1. How wonderful you found him! After two months gone, that's actually quite a miracle.

  2. I think I'm going to cry! What a happy ending for you both. They say only about 5% of missing cats ever make it back home. We had ours missing for a week and put up posters in our neigborhood(we had just moved in). Well our cat was literally just down the street. We had never lived in a subdivision before and we just moved in the week before., so our kitty lost her way. What a nice miracle and I'm sure Jacob is smiling down on his beloved kitty.



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