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Monday, May 18, 2015

Weekend Wrap-Up

Our weekend started off with a prediction of rain. Which then turned into a prediction of severe storms. Thankfully, we ended up with neither.

Because of that, my cousin's outdoor wedding ended up being a beautiful, dry wedding! I didn't get a photo of the happy bride and groom (such a sweet couple!) but did snap some dance floor photos!
When your uncle asks you to dance...
Our bedroom smells divine with this bouquet of flowers on the dresser. All from around the yard! The first spring flowers are the best!
We have TONS of rhubarb, so Joe set up a little table on the lawn, selling rhubarb for $1 a bag. He made a little money, learned some life lessons (cleaning up the leaves of the rhubarb, setting up his table, taking the money, meeting new people) and had fun on a sunny afternoon. 


  1. Oh wow! I wish I could have some of that rhubarb sent to TX! It's expensive here. Way to go!!!

    1. Rhubarb is like zucchini around here...it's almost hard to give it away at the peak of the season!



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