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Tuesday, May 12, 2015


The day started off overcast and windy, not to mention quite chilly for the middle of May. So I brought some sunshine indoors with a bouquet of lilacs, the first spring flowers in my yard.
My Grandma had dug three lilac plants from her own yard 8 years ago. For three years they grew, yet wouldn't bloom. The spring after she passed away all three bloomed brilliantly and have prospered since. So having the sight and scent of these lilacs in my living room, as well as the tree (are they lilac trees or bushes?!) outside my kitchen window always remind me of Grandma. 
I received a call this morning from a local greenhouse saying that we had a gift from my mother-in-law for our anniversary. I arrived to find a generous gift certificate. How fitting as Ben and I had just talked about making an "English garden" by our porch. It's all planted now and will look glorious once everything is in full bloom! I went with a purple color scheme so can't wait to see how the different shades pop.

Daddy filled up the kids sandbox. Which makes them very happy!

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