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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Clearly Lead

Do you ever have something fall into place so perfectly, so planned out, that you know it's not a coincidence?

You all read a few weeks ago that hubby's work place was having even more cutbacks. Even a reader (Hi, Jess!) mentioned maybe it was time for him to start looking for another job.

That's a scary thing, after nine years of being employed at the same place. Having a decent job, with decent people, but having money worries because of cut backs. It takes a leap of faith to jump out of your comfort zone.

I started praying immediately after hearing about the cut back. I received peace about the situation. He seemed fairly content to stay where he was for awhile yet. What we didn't realize is that God was already working on our next path.

A few days after the above post, I went to Bible Study. A member there was asking about the fall Bible Study and so another member went out into the hall and brought in several bulletins (newsletters) so that we could all have the details about that next Bible Study. On the same page was a notice about a maintenance/custodian job at the church and school which I have never noticed before (apparently it's been in the bulletin for awhile!). I mumbled something to my mom about "maybe Ben should look into this" when the woman next to me, who works in the office, spoke up to say "if he is interested he better apply soon as they already did interviews this week."  She gave me the church e-mail so hubby could send his resume in. 

The next day he had an interview.

The day afterwards he was offered the job.

It was all so seamless. He didn't have to take a pay cut by accepting the job. It is a very Christian environment, which means he won't be treated just as another employee, but as a fellow soul. The job description is much of the same of what he did previously, but with less stress (no on call, few if any weekends). 

Sometimes it's quite clear where God wants you to be.   


  1. I was so happy to read in another post that he had gotten a new job! You are so right... there is always a plan. Sometimes we are the last to know about it :)



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