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Friday, May 1, 2015

Cut Backs

Remember last year when I spoke about downsizing at my husband's work and a $1 an hour pay cut? We were finally getting our budget back on track close to 12 months later. 

Then BAM! He is told this week that they are no longer paying for the half hour lunch break starting the end of this month. So instead of getting paid for an 8 hour day he will be getting paid for 7 1/2 hours. It doesn't sound like much. But then when you figure it out that is over $1,500 a year that they are cutting out! That is a big, noticeable difference!

What do you do when you were getting paid MORE two years ago? When prices of food, housing, and over all everything has risen drastically in the past two years and your income is slowly quickly dwindling? When even before this recent cut back you are told, when filing taxes this year, that your family would qualify for $500 in food stamps?

We don't want to sign up for government assistance just because we "qualify". The first step is to...

Not panic.

My husband still has a job at least. 

We are still in the top 2% of the richest in the world's population, based on the Global Rich List (that's crazy when you think of it because in America we are probably close to the poverty line).

Guess what? Americans are spoiled. In most populations you would be considered rich to have a warm house, clothes, and enough food to eat. All the creature comforts of the world.

In America you aren't even considered comfortable unless you have the newest electronic gadget, the current popular clothing brands, money to get your hair and nails done, a newer car. All frivolous stuff. 

We will be able to have our house. Our clothing. Our food. Some creative budgeting will be set into place. Necessity is the mother of invention, after all. 


  1. oh goodness, that is awful news :( I know you are thrifty and creative and you guys will be fine. However, it sounds like your husband's company is not doing well at all. He might be out of a job soon if the company files for bankruptcy. I'd probably advise him to start getting his resume together and putting some feelers out.

    1. It's a not for profit organization (can they file for bankruptcy?) but you are correct...things are looking bad there. Lots of praying for God's direction in the near future, for sure!



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