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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Week 2 S.O.S Update

I was a mean, green, cleaning machine this weekend. I worked on the upstairs and pulled things out of closets, drawers, and from under beds. I washed the carpet in each room. I threw a giant bag of garbage away.

And then I purged some more. Ignore the dust on my car (time to head to the car wash!) and look at the two reusable bags filled with items for the consignment shop. Plus a garbage bag filled with clothes (and whatever wasn't taken at the consignment shop) which was dropped off at the clothes closet at a local church (free clothing for area residents in need).  

I already have another bag started for the clothes closet and a box of toys/books almost ready to go to the local charity shop. I'd say there were 10 things taken to the consignment shop at 40 things taken to the clothes closet, along with the huge garbage bag of stuff I threw away. So once again, I've exceeded my weekly goal of 35 items out of the house! 

Yay me!

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