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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

InScribed Series

This past Spring, when I received the beginning of the InScribed Series to review ("Living So That", "Amazed and Confused", "Dive Deeper", "Leaving Ordinary") I fell in love with these awesome devotionals/journals.

I was excited to be asked to review the three new ones this fall.  

Barren Among the Fruitful by Amanda Hope Haley is about Navigating infertility with hope, wisdom, and patience. I flipped through this book and hope that the wise words inside will give peace to women who are facing this struggle. I can't really review it myself as I haven't had to face this issue but am passing it along to a friend who has.

Just Rise Up! by Sarah Francis Martin is a Call to make Jesus famous. This is a book that helps us surrender to God's leading and fulfill His purpose for our life. I think all of us, especially mothers lost in the busyness of daily life, can use a little nudge in this direction. 
Inseparable by Ashley Linne is about Who I am, was, and will be in Christ. It boils down to seeing ourselves as God sees us and looking to Him for approval, not the world. In a world where we are judged by our appearance, financial status, and quite frankly - by ourselves much too harshly. It's a great reminder to look through His eyes, at ourselves and others.

Disclaimer: These books were given to me by BookLook Bloggers in exchange for my honest opinion.

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