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Wednesday, October 1, 2014


We awoke to a morning that definitely feels like the start to October.
I felt like oatmeal and tea on this cold morning so made us some steel-cut oats with maple syrup, bananas, and cinnamon.  A hot cup of tea really hit the spot too.

While I'm not one for selfies, nor pictures of myself in general!, I did get my hair done yesterday and so snapped a photo.
I never straighten my own hair because it takes so much time, but like the way it looks when it is straightened! And I'm loving my new caramel highlights.

I managed to sneak away for that hair appointment yesterday, lunch with my mom and aunt, and go to Bible study in the evening. Hubby was off from work yesterday, which allowed me to do all that, but I get the sense that he no longer thinks staying at home with the kids all day is relaxing and easy. It's about time he figured that out! ;)

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