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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Rude Dude's Book of Food

Fun, crazy, comic-like books are all the rage with kids these days. Our house is filled with Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Baby Mouse, and the like so I figured that the Rude Dude's Book of Food by Tim J. Myers would be a bit hit as well. I was not disappointed.

Rebecca read this within 24 hours and said "Did he write any other books?" Yep, she enjoyed it!

What I like best about this book is not only is it funny and interesting but it also teaches you A LOT about food! Everything from food advertising, where chocolate comes from and how it evolved to the yummy treat we know it for today, and so much more.

For an adult it's a little like reading a book written by someone with ADD...it jumps around a lot. But, I think that is why kids like these types of books, especially boys. It follows their line of thinking. Fun and educational is always welcome in our house!

Disclaimer: This book was sent by Familius in exchange for my honest review.  


  1. okay, I must go get this for my 9 year old son! He'll love it!

    1. Totally a book for a nine year old boy!! I hope he writes more about other topics too!



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