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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

U.S. Cellular Entertainment

Does having a cellphone in your hand mean that you can save money on entertainment costs for your household?

Many households that have cellphones have dropped their landlines completely. Now the trend seems to be cutting cable costs and going for streaming via the computer, tablet, and smartphone. Hulu Plus and Netflix begin at just $7.99, which is an extreme savings from cable and satellite.

We do not have cable or satellite, nor any streaming service, though I have considered trying out Netflix to get some programs that our family may enjoy. The fact of the matter is that while cable delivers a huge amount of channels, there often just isn't anything good to choose from. Also, with families being so busy and on the go these days it is easier to stream an episode when you can watch it rather then when it airs. Having U.S. Cellular’s 4G LTE network means that you can watch your favorite shows wherever you are!

Having so much at your fingertips can be a distraction, especially when fall television is new and kids are still getting into the routine of school. That is where the U.S. Cellular Parent-Child Agreement comes in handy. It's a perfect way to raise awareness of what you expect of your child with their phone and have them agree to your terms. 

Have you been able to cut household costs by having a smartphone? 

This post is sponsored by U.S. Cellular Blogger Brigade but all opinions are my own. 


  1. I don't have a smart phone or an I phone because I really don't want one but I've been thinking of getting one so I can join the rest of the world! I would not give up my land line because as an AT&T retiree my hubby gets great discounts. Our phone bill is like $10 per month. We pay $150 per month for our internet & cable. Our cable package has lots of channels and most times there's nothing to watch! We do enjoy shows on HBO, Showtime, AMC, etc so we keep it. We never watch any show when it airs. We record everything on our DVR and watch when we want and we are able to fast forward all commericals. We also have Netflix which I pay $15 a month for. It allows streaming and ordering 1 disc at a time which you can keep as long as you want. In order to stream your house has to be wireless and you need a blue ray player (at least we do).

    1. I'm thinking of doing the Netflix, maybe around the holidays when blue rays are cheap! I would be scared of that $150 cable/internet bill each month. But our landline and internet is $65 a month which still seems high to me! :/

  2. I can use my smartphone to compare online prices on sites like Amazon to the price at a store I am shopping at if I see what could be a good deal. There is also an app for a bar code scanner that can let you scan something and the amazon price will come up.

    1. I need to get this app...along with the Target cartwheel one!

  3. We stay away from smart phones. The huge amount of radiation that comes off of them is not worth it. Besides, I can not stand the fact that people cannot live without them. It seems really sad. We do not have a land line as our telephone company has not updated our phone lines since the 1950's. We do have a cell phone "land" line. We have a receiver that all of our land phones are plugged into. It is great because we only pay $20/month for it. Also, the temptation to use a cell phone needless is gone.



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