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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Thursday Thoughts

My Ipsy early sneak peek went live today and I'm not very happy with my bag. The bag itself is okay but my contents are a bit boring (a makeup brush, eyeliner, deep conditioning mask, face wash, and lip gloss). I was so hoping for the Harvey Prince Hello perfume or something a little more exciting. Maybe I'll like it all better once I receive it!

We watched my cousin's little girl yesterday (who is about the same age as Amy) and the kids all had a blast together! So cute to watch them interact.

I'm hoping to get started with some cute fall decorating soon. I need to look up some frugal but cute ideas on Pintrest this week. Do you have a "go to craft" for fall?

My new dishwasher is arriving today! We've been without a dishwasher for over 6 months and I am so excited to have one once again. It is crazy how quickly our sink gets filled with dirty dishes - now they can be hidden away until it's time to wash.

Our third week of school is going well. We are starting to get into the groove and so far it's still review work so nothing too hard. We are often finished well before lunch and have time to enjoy sunshine outdoors.

I'm following Jennifer with Thursday Thoughts!

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