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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Happy Autumn!

Happy Autumn!! I've never been a big fan of Fall, mainly because it leads up to winter, but I've decided to embrace the beauty of each season and I'm loving the cool, crisp mornings, the beautiful changing colors, and the slow bustle of school.

Yesterday was a perfect Fall day. I needed to get some of Bible Study worked on so loaded the kids up and headed to a local park (which is secluded in the woods and so, so peaceful).
I read as they played. Birds chirping and happy children was the perfect background noise!
I was even able to get started on my Book Club book! I'm so happy that my town finally has a book club, even if it means that my friend and I were the ones who had to start it!

I hope that your Autumn is off to a great, beautiful start!

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