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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Thursday Thoughts

I forgot that today is Thursday for a bit. My husband's word schedule is constantly changing and when he works the weekend he has a weekday off. Which means he had Tuesday of this week off, which means that was our Sunday, which means that I thought today was Tuesday. Confusing, I know.

Have any of you seen these little chairs in bathroom stalls?: 
Oh my gosh, they are genius! Seriously, a mother had to have come up with this. They are perfect for keeping a child contained; no more sitting on the floor or playing on a grubby bathroom floor. This was at our Wal-Mart, I haven't seen them in any other stores...yet. I hope it's a sign of things to come.
Our town has a parade not on the 4th of July but rather on the first day of the county fair. It runs right past our street and the kids were so excited that Joe sat his chair near the curb hours before and was waiting 2 hours before the start of the parade. Look how excited he was!

And Amy, well, Amy was tired of waiting since she didn't even know what she was waiting for. Once it started she was amazed that people were throwing candy to her and she may have been more interested in the candy than the actual floats (then again, aren't we all?).

I was looking through my closet the other day and ran across a cool pair of cowboy boots that I had picked up at a garage sale. My question is are cowboy boots even in style any more for fall with dresses and skirts? I need to know these things...yet I'm never up to date on the trends!

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  1. Oh my goodness that pic of Amy is so very cute! I also love those seats in the bathroom but don't see them very often. Don't know why as they are genius!

  2. I love the look on Amy's face! It is perfect!



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