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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Thursday Thoughts

I was at the Orthodontist on Monday and heard them talking about school starting somewhere around August 20th. Considering it was June I figured I had a lot of time to plan our studies for fall. Then I realized that this week marked the start of July, and that if we start our homeschool the same week as the public schools here that only gives me 7 weeks to plan. And that's really not that long at all.

So I spent the past few days going through the books that we do have in order to figure out what we need. I placed two orders for curriculum and now feel somewhat on my game.

When does school start in your area?
Amy made me get this shirt the other day at Goodwill. She is a total Daddy's Girl and even though she can't read and had no idea what it says she wouldn't let go of it when I showed it to her. She will be rocking it this winter. (Though, serious question, why do clothing companies make anything in white for babies and kids? I never willingly buy white clothing because it's pretty much a wear once and toss kind of thing. My kids are messy!)

Speaking of messy, our weather has been messy. This whole week has been wet or cloudy, or both. Even during our walk yesterday I had to snap this photo because it's been dark this week (and I have a dark mood to match). And wet! Oh my goodness, everything in my garden is rotting before it even gets a chance to mature. My broccoli has bloomed before it was ready to pick, the cauliflower is molding, the tomatoes seem wilted and dead, and the peppers turned to mush. It's a disaster out there.

We've had downpours of rain. Strong winds that have done much damage around town to the tree population. The wind on Monday blew the telephone line right outside across the road. Lots of basements have flooded (knock on wood, but ours stays relatively dry, which says something for those 120 year old stone foundations.

Then yesterday we were back in jeans with temperatures under 70 degrees. Highly unusual for Iowa in July.

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  1. I love goodwill. You're garden sounds great despite the condition of it (what you planted sound good). The weather here in Michigan is crazy as well.

  2. I'm stopping by from Ramblings of a Suburban Mom.
    Since our only son graduated in 2010, I've lost track to when the kids start school.
    It's wicked hot in Vegas but that's normal.



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