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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Summer Memories

I'm finding June and July to be really hard months for missing Jacob. Everything reminds me of him, everything reminds me of his absence.

His 9th birthday.

4th of July, which he enjoyed so much. (We had to play the ring toss game in his memory, one of favorites, and both won a Dr. Pepper, which was one of his favorite sodas.)

July itself. July 1st last year was when we found out his lungs were filling with fluid and nothing could be done. July 5th of two years ago marked the day that he was admitted to the hospital for his stem cell transplant, which resulted in a 40 day hospital stay.

Let's just say that the past few years of July and August do not hold good memories. And they come flooding back over and over again.

I'd lie if I said I'm doing well. I'm not doing horribly, I'm just not doing good. So extra prayers this month and next would be helpful and appreciated.

Life goes on, whether we are ready for it to or not. Amy turned 15 months old on the 1st and enjoyed her first real 4th of July.
The kids are keeping busy this summer and seem to be outside more than they are inside. It reminds me of my childhood, practically living outdoors from sunup to sundown.

If only the mosquitos weren't so bad. It doesn't seem to detour the kids, and the natural bug repellent we have seems to do a fairly good job when we douse ourselves in it.

Summer memories aren't as sweet when you're missing someone.


  1. Elizabeth
    Each and every person is unique in how they grieve. You do it however feels right for you. God, and prayer from your loved ones (including your blog readers) will walk with you.
    Blessings to you

  2. Oh Elizabeth I am praying for your whole family right now.

  3. thinking of you and hoping Fall arrives soon



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