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Saturday, May 10, 2014


*The sound of bird songs is drifting in the open window along with streams of sunshine. It looks to be a beautiful morning. I'm awaiting the washing machine to finish it's cycle so I can get the clothes hung on the line and then maybe do a little gardening with Amy by my side.

*Unfortunately, I'm also downing cup after cup of coffee, trying to wake myself up after a long night of Joe being sick. Yes, the night of his 6th birthday he came down with whatever tummy virus it was that Becca had last week. He was sick off and on throughout the night, poor boy. He's still sleeping and I hope he wakes up feeling better. 
*The picture above is from last fall, I can't believe how much they both have changed!

*It was a hard day yesterday. Joe's birthday reminded me of last year on that day when Ben and Jacob were in the hospital getting his stem cells harvested. It's Joe's first birthday without his brother. After his birthday meal we stopped at the cemetery where he got out all by himself and stood at Jacob's grave, "showing him" his presents. Heartbreaking.

*I noticed my lack of energy for anything special. The best I could do for Joe's birthday was to dump his gifts into a gift bag and buy a cake. Every little thing is hard is these days. I'm glad he was able to have a special birthday outing with my mom the day before - they went out to eat on a "date" and then went shopping to pick out a gift. Joe decided to buy me a gift as well, finding a cute little hummingbird decoration and rushing home yelling "Open it mom, open it!" How sweet, to be thought of when he was supposed to picking out his own gift. 

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