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Thursday, May 29, 2014

May MunchPak Box Review

What is more fun than a box of yummies shipped directly to your door?
MunchPak is a candy subscription box. It's original in the fact that many of these products I have never heard of, nor seen in our local stores. That makes it extra fun!
Items like Tayto Prawn Cocktail, Koala's March Cookies
Sour Smog Balls (these are seriously delicious - I want more!)

The Sour Punch Straws is the only item in this box that I have tried before.
Every single member of my family enjoyed trying out these different snacks. I think this would make an awesome summer subscription for kids and great treats to throw in the beach bag or summer vacation travel bag.

There are three box size options. I was sent the MunchPak Mini which starts at $7.95 (plus shipping) and it goes up to the FamilyPak which is $24.95 (plus shipping).

Disclaimer: This box was sent to me by MunchPak in exchange for my honest review.


  1. The sherbet fountain, the murray mints and the chewits are English classics. My mum loved sherbet fountains as a child in the 1950s and we had murray mints for long car journeys in the 1970s.

    1. I was wondering where these candies were typically found! Becca LOVED the sherbet fountain (especially the black licorice dipping stick!) and the Murray Mints are interesting...and yummy! :)



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