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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

This Week

*Joe has been having fun going to storytime at the library that my mom is now director at. It's something he now looks forward to each week.

*After I pick him up from storytime we go to the Goodwill near there. Today I found a large Yankee Candle jar of "Merry Christmas", which is one of my favorite scents. Priced at only $1 and nearly new...but the wick was no where to be found. I figured I may be able to rescue it, and thought $1 to try was worth it. After melting it in a bath of hot water I was able to locate the wick, place it again, and now have a nearly new candle for $1. No wonder I never could pay full price for something that I regularly find at garage sales for $2 and under.

*I found veggie/meat trays at Super Target, usually priced at $14.99 on mark-down to $3.75! I bought the last two...guess what we have been snacking on this week? :)

*I can't decide if I want to continue to grow out my hair or cut several inches off it. This is the longest it has been in years. Maybe I'll grow it long enough to donate it to Locks of Love. Has anyone done this? How do you go about donating it?

*I've been digging deep into drawers and closets in order to organize. I worked on the filing cabinet yesterday and can't believe all the useless forms and papers I've saved. Half of this was able to be shredded and thrown out! My filing cabinet was able to breathe a sigh of relief after that.

*I've sold a bunch of sets of Joe's clothing from last summer online last week. Facebook clothing groups are the new Ebay - and no fees to pay!


  1. If you donate your hair, consider Pantene Beautiful Lengths. I don't believe they charge the recipients, where Locks of Love does. http://www.pantene.com/en-us/pantenebeautifullengths/pages/default.aspx.

    We've done it a bunch of times. It feels good; both getting a new "look" and doing a teensy bit of good.

    1. I'll have to look into this vs. Locks of Love! Regardless, I want to help out whatever way I can! :)

  2. We have done only Locks of Love. My girls have donated nearly 8 feet of hair over the years. I just called around asking if the salon participated in Locks of Love and if they charged for it. We ended up going to a local cosmetology school and they did it for free. We did have to mail it ourselves.

    1. Do you know how many inches you need for Locks of Love?

  3. You need ten inches for locks of love.



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