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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Claiming Mariah

I don't want to be unfair with this review as I'm not a big fan of Christian Romance to begin with, so let me preface this review with the fact that if you are a fan of Christian Romance you will enjoy Claiming Mariah by Pam Hillman.

It is what all traditional romance books are. Therein lies the problem. I keep hoping for a Christian Romance book to be different. But alas, you'll find:

*Love at first sight. Which means, once again, it's the outside that attracts and not what is within.

*A silly girl who misses all her chances to communicate. Which makes molehills into mountains.

*The good guys win and the bad guys lose in the end.

I keep hoping that Christian romance can change the stereotypes of romance. Make it more real life, less fantasy. More Christian.

If I was a romance book reader I would have been thrilled with this book, so take my review with a grain of salt. The story itself was interesting and I read this book within 24 hours of starting it so it is a quick and interesting read. Just not my cup of tea.

Disclaimer: This book was given to me by Tyndale Publishing in exchange for my honest review.


  1. That is definitely the problem with Christian romance. It seems to be about "clean" romance and not about true Christianity. As a writer I've often though about trying to break into this genre for this very reason.

    1. I would love to read a "real romance". Real life, real problems, real people. Add in some morals and some not-preachy Biblical aspects and I think that would be a great book!

  2. I also am not a big fan of Christian Romance although I love to read. One author who writes Christian Romance that is very very good is Francine Rivers. She is one author who loves the Lord and you can tell it in every book she writes. If you have never read any of her books I would recommend them highly, especially the mark of the Lion series.



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