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Saturday, February 15, 2014


My reading list this week:

*Humans of New York - this was a fun, quick coffee table book. I loved it and wish I could meet some of these people, their stories are so interesting! Even the kids loved looking through it. I've been a fan of their Facebook page for quite some time and knew I would love the book.

*Happier At Home - I'm just starting this and like it so far. Who doesn't want to be happier?

*All Things Hidden - On my list to review. Hoping it turns out to be good, but we all know how much I like Christian romance.

*I Like Giving - Another book on my to-review list. This one sounds awesome...showing us how blessed we are when we give to others. Looking forward to this one!


  1. I love HONY!! I should check for the book as well! I think you'll like "All Things Hidden"! It's not very "romantic", there is a side of that, but much more to the storyy! I really enjoyed that one! :) Happy Reading!!

  2. If you like the HONY Facebook page you'll enjoy the book - it's quick to look through too! I wouldn't want to own it but getting it from the library is a must!

    I hope I enjoy All Things Hidden. I just started it and it's slow going for me. :/



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