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Thursday, December 12, 2013

December IPSY Bag Review

My IPSY bag finally arrived! One of my favorite subscription "boxes", this bag is $10 a month and comes with a decorative make-up bag and 5 make-up items (often times full-size!).
This month the theme is "Celebration!" Each month there is usually around 10 items available. The combination of 5 that you will receive are based upon your profile and the surveys that you complete after each bag you receive. You can see the other items by going to your Glam Room at IPSY.
This month I received:

*Ardell Natural false eyelashes. I really wonder why I keep receiving items like this in my bag when I specify that I do not use these. Maybe their system is on the fritz?!

*Be a Bombshell The One Stick in "Girl Crush". For your lips, eyes, and cheeks. Can't wait to try this out!

*Pop Beauty Eye Shadow Trio in "Naturally Bare". Should be the perfect shade for me!

*J. Cat The Big Lip Pencil in "Caramel Mocha". At first I was disappointed, thinking this was another lip pencil to outline your lips with (which I don't use) but it is also to be used like a lipstick so now I'm happy.

*Signature perfume samples by English Laundry. One for women and one for men. These smell wonderful and the one for men will go in my husband's stocking on Christmas.

*A nice black bag, which I will surely find a use for.

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  1. I got four items this month and the only one I am so so on is the taupe nail polish. But, it is going in my re-gifting pile. I have four daughters and one of their Christmas gifts is an ipsy bag filled with age appropriate "make-up". Some of it is even nail polish from Ipsy. I did want to say that I have been finding some really great deals on gift type things in my walmart jewelry area. I found headbands originally 4.88 for 1.00. They are going in the bags too. Anyway that is an area I don't usually look at but apparently it is worth a peek!

    1. That's weird...I thought they said it would always be 5 items. Did your glam room show only four items?

    2. I went to my glam room yesterday and I did have five items. I got the eye brush and it was in the mailer. I never even thought to check there. Whoops...

  2. Oh I wanted to say I am blond and blue eyed and the first three months I got nice things but if it was a cosmetic it was orange. I cannot even on my most summer tanned days wear orange lipstick and nail polish. :) I wrote them and got back a canned response but they had me re-take the beauty quiz which I think I answered exactly the same but since then I have not gotten any more orange stuff. Maybe you could try that too?

    1. I'm going to go back and re-take the quiz...hopefully that will work! And thanks for tip about the Walmart jewelry area - I'll check them out to see if ours has the good deals too!



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