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Saturday, February 23, 2013


*I'm wanting to take it easy and just laze about the house but grocery shopping needs to be done. I wonder if I can get away with just searching the cupboards and fridge this weekend for throw together meals. It's a tempting thought.

*I did talk to my doctor about my heartburn (thank you, ladies, for your suggestions!) and now take Pepcid AC and feel so much more like a human by the end of the day. I had heartburn with the other kids but never like this - so glad that the Pepcid is working!

*Selling items on Ebay last week was a success. Every item I posted sold. I even sold the Hanky Panky Thong from the PopSugar box for $10! Ebay and Paypal do take a lot of fees though so I think I don't think I will be selling on there often.

*I dropped off a huge bag of clothing and a box of books at St. Vincent's on Thursday. I took the kids in to look around and we had such fun - Joe found a wooden bunk bed for his toy animals, I found Becca brand new Converse shoes for $2 and a beautiful bohemian Justice skirt for $1, Jacob found a Star Wars shirt for 65 cents, and I found the baby a 2 piece Gap outfit for 65 cents, Lily Pulitzer skirt for 65 cents, and a few other pieces of clothing ranging in price from 35 cents to 65 cents. That is the reason why I no longer shop at Goodwill and instead switched to St. Vincent's. Have you noticed that Goodwill prices seem incredibly insane? Kids clothing starts at around $3 and jeans are often $5 or more.

*My house looks like a disaster zone and I'm at the point where it's uncomfortable to bend down and pick things up. I would just clean up from the floor but I can't put weight on my left knee after taking a spill a few weeks ago. My knee took the brunt force and is a nice color of purple and blue still...and painful with any amount of touch (just wearing jeans for the first few days was torture!). I think the kids may be bribed with some ice cream to get the rooms picked up. Ice cream makes everything worthwhile, right? 



  1. Sounds good overall! I can't be bothered with Ebay either... I just use Kijiji, which is like Craigslist in US terms I guess. Great finds at St.Vincents.. we have a Value Village here (thrift store) and their prices are insane as well! Kids basic tank tops for $3-4!! I can buy new for less! So I don' go there often... Hope your knee feels better soon!!

  2. Sounds like a great day of thrifting! We don't have a local Catholic charity shop but when I see one in my travels I try to stop. There are always good finds and great people volunteering. Take it easy and don't do too much!



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