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Saturday, February 9, 2013

This Week

*No news is *typically* good news and life has been steady with Jacob. He had another check up at Mayo yesterday (ugh...a 320 mile round trip!) and things are the same. His platelets are still dropping slightly but that's to be expected. The rash is still all over, which is a typical side effect but doesn't bother him at all (no pain or itchiness) so that's great. So far so good! We won't know how well it's working until the end of March when he has scans but he feels good and that's all the matters. 
*Becca and Jacob have been preparing to receive their First Holy Communion this year and have their first confession tomorrow! How exciting!

*My mom was admitted to the hospital with chest pains yesterday. After several tests, blood checks, etc. the doctors are fairly confident that it is bronchitis and nothing heart related. She will be released today if she passes the stress test this morning. Prayers for a speedy recovery for her, please.

*Even in the midst of chaos I have been getting decluttering done. I've kept my promise to myself to drop off at least one bag/box at St. Vincent's each time I have an appointment with the midwife. Thursday I managed to drop off two huge bags of items! Of course, I had to check inside the store and found the softest, fluffiest homemade baby quilt made from flannel for just $1.50 (the kids are all fighting over this but it's for the baby), a book on CD for Jacob (he loves these for our long car rides), and an adorable polka dot Gap baby outfit for 90 cents. I'm done with Goodwill....St. Vincent De Paul is the place to go!

*I'll be back with a book review later today.  


  1. I'm glad he's feeling well right now!

  2. Awww... What a sweet pic! I'm so glad he's feeling well! Can you please email me your Paypal addy? I'd like to send a small donation for you to buy Jacob another book on CD or something he'd like for the long car ride... :)

    Glad to hear your mom is ok! What a relief!

    Your family is always is my prayers!

  3. I'm so glad that your son is feeling okay. I am praying for your mother and hope she has a speedy recovery. Bronchitis is no fun at all, and can be very painful. I am in a de-cluttering mode today too and hope to do a ton this coming week.

  4. Awwww....Carla...you don't have to do that! But, my paypal is the same as my e-mail on this site babys_mama1@yahoo.com or let me know if you want our address directly incase you find an autobook on paperbackswap or Ebay. You are too sweet!

    1. Thanks so much, Elizabeth! I think it would be better if you found what he'd like.. knowing you you'll be able to find an awesome deal anyways! I'm linking you up tonight to my blog... you inspire me! :)



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