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Monday, February 18, 2013


*Jacob is doing well! We now only have to travel to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester twice a month, instead of weekly! His scans will be in the middle of March and we pray that they show that the trial drug is doing *something*.

*After a very unproductive weekend I finally motivated myself enough last night to go through some of our bookcases and my closet and dresser. I dropped a bag off at the consignment shop and have a giant bag of clothing and huge box of books to drop off at St. Vincent's this week. Sadly, after sorting through my clothing I have very little left for my summer wardrobe; and nothing that I like! As I asked on my Facebook page, any suggestions for brands of clothing that fit a post-baby body and are flattering? You know, brands that fit a woman's shape instead of a teeny bopper? :)

*I also posted a lot of new with tag items on Ebay. It's been over a year since I've sold anything that way so wonder how my auctions will go! I've sold several outfits and some educational materials on swap boards as well. Lots has been leaving this house lately - I think spring cleaning has started early!

*I'm feeling huge and very pregnant. I now have the pregnant woman waddle down and feel like this baby has dropped. I think it's the earliest I've ever felt like this so wonder if we will be having this baby early or if I'll just be feeling very uncomfortable for a long time yet? I'll bet on the latter. 



  1. All around good news! Very glad to hear it! I bet on the later with the baby as well. It seems to me the more babies you have the sooner you waddle and everything else. I always chalk it up as everything is that much more loose with each child.

  2. Don't beat yourself up for having an "├╝nproductive" week. The more your life changes the more different meanings the word productive has. Give yourself a pass you have a lot on your plate! Glad for the good news on Jacob!
    Some of my favorite brands are:
    Lands End
    LL Bean
    Coldwater Creek
    J Jill
    Eddie Bauer
    Ann Taylor
    They are all relatively easy to find at goodwill etc and online on ebay. Have fun clothes shopping!



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