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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Moxie Jean

By now you all know that I have a thing for children's clothing. By shopping smart and selling smart I am usually able to turn around and break even on the clothing that I buy for the kids. Even when my children stain an item (which they often do) if it is a good brand name it will still sell on online forums in "play condition".

I used to love ThredUp when they did boxes of clothing for trade through the mail. For a year and a half I got almost all my children's clothing from that site. I even touted them here on this blog a few times. With very little notice they then changed into an online consignment shop. The prices went sky high, the customer service levels dropped, and now they have many unhappy customers who feel their items were stolen when they sent in excellent condition clothing (even new with tag items!) that were not accepted but just disappeared. I had the same experience and stopped shopping their site. 

I missed the convenience of buying through the mail. Instead of dragging kids along and trying to browse through racks while still keeping an eye on them I can shop at midnight in my pjs from the comfort of my own home when online.

Imagine my delight when just last week I ran across the online consignment store Moxie Jean. The clothing is adorable and the stylists who put the outfits together do a fantastic job. For busy mamas, finding a place that sells complete outfits is amazing! I find the prices to be comparable to other gently used clothing online.

I ordered several items on Thursday and received them in the mail just 4 days later. Each outfit bundle was tied together nicely and I was impressed with the presentation.

Everything was clean and in like new condition. 

The shipping costs are very reasonable or free if you spend over $50 (and this was a good value as they shipped it in a flat rate priority mailer which is $10+ to mail).

The only issue I had was the infant green set that I bought was listed as a Tea Collection outfit but turned out to be Petunia Picklebottom. Since I'm doing a review of their service I decided to contact them to see what they would do about it and they quickly responded to say that they were sorry for this mix-up and that I could return it for a full refund. Of course, I'm keeping it and it actually ended up in my favor since Petunia Picklebottom is a more expensive brand than the Tea Collection.

Moxie Jean also will buy your like new used clothing and send a bag already postage paid for you to fill and return to them. They have a price list on their site and will give you cash or credit to their store. Whatever they can't accept they say they donate to local charities and give examples on their website (unlike ThredUp which is very vague about what they do with the unaccepted clothing). This is a great service for those mamas who don't want to list on Ebay or drag a tote to the local consignment shop.

I am very happy with my purchase and will definitely be purchasing from them again. Sizes on their site range from infant to age 8 (I really wish they went up to size 12!). Since I was referred by a friend I was able to take $10 off my first order, which brought my total down to $45.95 (and free shipping since my original total was over $50). That makes my order an average of $4.50 per clothing item! If you are a new customer you can use this link to get $10 off a $20 order.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post, I'm just sharing a new online company I am excited about. My referral link is included in this review.


  1. You make it sound as if shopping by mail is your only choice. Do you not have access to someone watching children for an hour so you could browse any one of the THREE consignment stores within half a mile of your house? I can't speak as to the other two, but I do know that our store carries high quality name brand children's clothes, and if were my children were still small, I would be in 7th heaven shopping there for them. And, after looking at the site you're talking about, I can say without any doubt that you'd be getting twice the amount of clothing for the money you spent. So, not only would it be more budget conscious to exclusively shop your local stores, but you would also be supporting your local businesses in a very small town...something I would think frugal minded people would support. With three stores to browse, I don't understand why anyone would choose to go for selections that are not only higher priced, but can not be personally seen and checked over by the shopper. -Marian

  2. I do shop at Treasure Alley, trying to go on Saturday when hubby is home or Monday when one of the boys is at speech class. I find Grandma's Attic to have icky clothing and New to You is usually quite expensive and a bit unorganized so I rarely go there.

    I agree that I can get twice as much at consignment shops here in town (or even three or four times as much!) compared to the prices at Moxie Jean. That is why I only shopped for the better brand names, which will have high resale values to begin with. Sending items in for credit makes the bill much more budgets friendly as well.

    So it's definitely not my only shopping option (I still love our local St. Vincent De Paul as well!) but it does make it a lot easier, especially for those who do not have a nice consignment or thrift store in their area.

  3. Thanks for this! I used to rely on my town's bi yearly consignment sale but they quit doing it.

  4. What fun! I remember the days when I bartered books with a woman who actually spent the $50 an outfit for hanna Andersson and other pricey brand names and would trade with me. I also remember the thrill of having boxes delivered to my doorstep. What cute clothes and fun brand names! Have fun shopping for baby, dear daughter!

  5. I am also buying and selling my kids clothes online and It was cheap rather than going to the mall and buy a brand new clothes. Saves me time and energy.

  6. i'm one of those customers that was ripped off by thredup. i sent in my clothes and i didn't get credit til 3 months later. i complained and escalated the complaint. until they finally gave me credit for it after a month-2 months. it was a nightmare. i just used the credit i have then i'm closing that account and moving over to moxie jean which i hear is better.



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