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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Healthy Handsoap

One of my goals for this new year is to make most of our health and beauty products and continue making more cleaning products. Some people go all crazy and throw out everything commercially made and make all their products right then and there. That is a sure way to get burnt out and also not the best way to test recipes that you like. I still get some sample subscription boxes and have lots of commercial bought products still but as things run out I am making do with making my own (which also ties into my budget goal this week!).

In November I made my homemade toner and I'm surprised to say that I am still on the first bottle so my price goes down closer to 5 cents a bottle! I use it daily and like what it does for my skin.

Today we ran out of pump hand soap. I could use bar soap which I have plenty of but the kids tend to leave it in the sink and mess with it so I always prefer pump soap by the bathroom sink. I pulled out my handy dandy Dr. Bronners liquid castile soap and poured some into an old foaming hand soap dispenser (I love the foaming dispensers when it comes to castile soap). I filled it half full with the soap and filled the rest with water (this is a very concentrated soap so you could do even 1/3 soap and 2/3 water). A little goes a long way and this bottle should last us along while. I bought this 16 oz. bottle of Bronner's over a year ago and use it several ways and still have some left! I use this brand in several different scents which are great for different uses.

Easy, natural hand soap which is good for the budget and the earth. And I saved about $2 so far this week by making do with homemade handsoap rather than buying a refill at the store. :)


  1. LOVE Dr. Bronners!! It does last forever!! :) Need to find me a "foamy" dispenser!

  2. I discovered this a few months ago with my Dr. Bronner's I have peppermint scented and I put it in a foaming dispenser I got for free with coupons :) It really does work wonderfully and is so economical...I have 2 teenager boys and their friends here alot so we go thru the soap especially since the one who visits has OCD and uses a ton of soap when he comes :) But, we love him and don't mind at all especially when it is so cheap LOL



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