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Monday, January 7, 2013


*Joe and I made a big batch of Raisin Bran Muffins this morning. The rest of the batter should last us all week. A perfect breakfast with a glass of milk and a banana.

*Jacob's 6 month CT scan is tomorrow. I won't lie, I'm nervous. It was at 6 months last time that he was found to have relapsed. I'm putting my trust in God and am asking for prayers of peace for us the next 24 hours and for awesome scan results.

*Today is a long day of errands, speech for the boys, and trying to catch up on school work. I'm becoming unhappy with our curriculum choice this year (especially the History) so am switching some things up and hope the next few months are easier when it comes to teaching.

*I'm loving the sunshine outside! My curtains are open and the sun (and warmth!) is pouring in.


  1. Praying for AWESOME scan results for Jacob!! Hugs!!!

  2. Prayers and good thoughts coming your way. Will be thinking of you tomorrow. On another subject--I don't mean to be critical and will admit that what I know about homeschooling is not much. BUT it seems to me that you spend very little time on it. You are always cleaning house, organizing, running errands,reading,going to thrift stores and garage sales, baking, cooking etc. Just where does the school come in? Kids in the elementary school down the street from me start at 8:45 and get out at 3:30. I would guess that most of that time is spent learning. I would think that Becca would be in the 3rd or 4th grade. I just don't see how she could compete with kids who actually go to school. Once again, I really am not trying to be critical. I just don't get it!

  3. While public schooled children may spend 7 hours or more a day at school they are not learning the whole time. A lot of time is spent at lunch, recess, waiting for the last child in class to finish their work, and a lot of busy work.

    Homeschooling is not "school at home". While some homeschoolers do have a strict schedule the majority do not. The great thing about homeschooling is being able to tailor to each child. Instead of my child sitting in a classroom bored because they finished their worksheet before the slowest kid in the class, my child can go at their own pace. We are able to move on once they have mastered a project or keep at it if they haven't. This makes things much, much quicker.

    I also don't believe that learning can only come from work or text books. When the kids help me with baking they are learning math as well as reading. When we are cleaning they are learning homemaking (a skill once prized in school and now long forgotten). When we are reading we are learning. Thrift stores and garage sales are about budgeting, money management, and math. That all involves learning...real life learning instead of "just" book learning.

    Of course, they still do text book work, but it does not take 7 hours to complete. Becca, even in third grade, can complete her workbooks in about an hour a day. The rest of the day is spent reading, working on projects, and real life learning. She is constantly learning about things throughout the day.

    I understand that homeschooling is a foreign concept to those who have only experienced the public or private school system. As someone who has been in public, private, and homeschool settings I can say without a doubt that she is learning just as much here at home as the children in school, just in a different way.

  4. First, I am praying for great scan results for Jacob! God is great! My father was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer two days before Christmas. The prognosis isn't good from the doctor's perspective but I believe in God's power and that faith will bring you through anything!

    Second, while I choose to send my children to public school and am not homeschooling's #1 fan, I think you handled the criticism from "anonymous" beautifully and with much grace. Every family is different and has different needs. How anyone can criticize you or how you are handling your children's education, without even knowing you and given what your family has been through this past year, is beyond me. Keep up the good work!

  5. We will be hoping for the best during Jacob's scans tomorrow.

    In addition, I'd just like to point out that no matter what way any of us choose to parent our child, the true test of those choices won't be until they are living successfully as happy and productive adults. Questioning the decisions of others is counterproductive, and if we are to be honest with ourselves, we are already questioning ourselves enough without the input of others.

    Best wishes tomorrow...Marian

  6. Guess I didn't make myself clear to other posters. I said I know next to nothing about homeschooling and I simply didn't understand why you seem to spend so little time at it. Elizabeth, thank you for your answer. I always thought it meant "school at home". Thanks for clearing that up. I still pretty much don't get it, but to each his own. We all parent differently. I certainly wasn't perfect. Grateful that mine turned out as well as they did!

  7. Elizabeth, I have been praying, praying, PRAYING for you, your sweet baby, and your whole family all day. May God's grace give you peace, and whatever the outcome of today's tests, know that you have a family of Christ's children praying and holding you in our hearts.



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