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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

This and That

One year ago this week (January 3rd, to be exact) Jacob started radiation and chemo. It is wonderful to be starting this year off completely different with our healthy little boy.

Today Jacob had his check-up with the Radiologist so since we were driving such a long way for such a short doctor visit (literally under 5 minutes) I decided to take the kids to a children's museum.

We spent close to three hours there and the kids had a blast. We will be going back again, for sure, but I think next time daddy will come along as well. All three kids wanted to spend the majority of the time in different areas and I felt like my head was going to spin off while trying to keep track of three kiddos going in opposite directions.
The first day of our new menu is going well. Great, in fact. The children enjoyed the new recipe for biscuits this morning along with their eggs and bacon. I prepared the meatloaf for supper this morning and stuck it in the fridge, knowing that we would be out late. I called hubby on the way home from the museum and told asked him to put it in. Once we arrived home I whipped up a batch of the plain muffins, made the mashed potatoes, and heated up the green beans. It was a very filling supper and because I knew exactly what we were having I was able to prepare some of it ahead of time which saved me a lot of time on a very hectic day. I typically would have just picked up something on the way home and am proud that I didn't today. The leftover meatloaf will be used for meatloaf sandwiches for lunch tomorrow.

I just put together the overnight bread, which I will bake tomorrow. Fresh bread with a bean dish will be excellent for supper!

So far so good on the menu plan. Breakfast tomorrow calls for cornmeal mush. I've never had it before and was a bit tempted to skip that, not knowing if the kids will like it or not, but since I don't know it means I should give it a go! Tomorrow shall be interesting as all three meals are different then we are used to, so it is a real test to see how the whole Hillybilly Housewife menu is going to turn out!

Has anyone else decided to give the menu a go?

It sounds like we are in store for a beautiful day weather wise tomorrow. We may reach 50 degrees. For the beginning of January that is amazing! We will make the most of it and spend our time outdoors. I hope your day turns out just as lovely!

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  1. I usually make a menu for a week or two, and make my shopping list according to what I have on my menu! I like to throw some new things in the list too, just to keep it interesting and I get board cooking the same things over and over!
    So glad you get to start the new year with healthy kiddos! What a blessing!



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