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Sunday, January 22, 2012


Today I finally got some time alone before anyone else in the house awoke. I swear, when I wake up in the mornings the kids seem to sense it and barrel down the stairs within minutes. Seriously, the other day I woke up two hours earlier then I usually do and five minutes later Becca was downstairs calling "Mom?!" How in the world does this happen?!

I cleaned out the bathroom cabinets. They were full of old health and beauty supplies, lonely q-tips, and all types of odds and ends. They are much emptier, and neater, now.

I was about to throw away some throw pillows that had rips and tears in them when I decided to repurpose them. I took an old comforter apart (which was about to become part of the rag bag) and used the fabric to make a cover for the pillow. Before:

I made the cover "envelope style" (I don't even know if that's a term but that's what I'm calling it!). It closes with buttons and the pillow can be removed for easy cleaning. I have another one that needs to be done, which I will work on throughout this coming week. It's not a perfect sewing job but it's been years since I've sewn anything (other then mending) and it was all done by hand.

I'm off to make cabbage soup for supper and then off to exercise afterwards. I weighed in again this morning at the same weight as I have been the past three weeks but I expect next week to be down a pound or two after the better eating habits and exercising I have done this week.

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